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Women come together to sew headbands for hospice

Sewing nights at Cultural Conversations are raucous affairs, says Tanya Nock.

“When we started Global Stitch Up, everyone was a little bit shy,” said Nock, who started Cultural Conversations in 2019 to showcase the breadth of artistic talent found in Whakatū’s diverse ethnic groups.

Now, the weekly meetings are loud and energetic, as the 22 women, who hail from at least 10 countries, swap stories, practice their English, and laugh -- a lot.

Global Stitch Up is a project where women tackle sewing projects together. The women are paid for their work, and profits are channelled into social enterprises.

In one previous project, the group made purses to help fund an underground sewing group in Afghanistan.

The Global Stitch Up group is a popular weekly sewing bee where women take on sewing projects. LUCIA ZÚÑIGA CÁCERES / NELSON MAIL

Read the full article by Amy Ridout at Stuff here.

Headbands for Hospice is inspired by Hannah Straker, a wonderful woman who sadly left this world 2 days before Christmas 2023. She had lived with cancer for many years but managed to live life to the full and even in her final days wanted to raise money for the Hospice.



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