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Your donation helps keep our organisation moving forward. We're grateful for all of the support you can provide.

Thank You!

Cultural Conversations Nelson relies on support from funding bodies, sponsors and especially gifts from donors to achieve a positive fiscal outcome.

Ensuring Success

We invite you to help Cultural Conversations make transformational change by giving to our DONOR programme and supporting our workshops and events. The major benefit of your donation will be your satisfaction knowing you are contributing to equity,  partnership and preservation of culture. 

Become Involved

Tax Credit Law

New Zealand law provides a 33⅓% tax credit on gifts to registered charitable trusts such as ourselves, however, we are not allowed to provide material benefits to donors in return for their generosity.

Select a membership level in Patreon and Support us with an exclusive benefit every month.

If you would like to discuss your donation or other aspects of involvement please call Tanya on 0273321441 email

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