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Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations is a 4 part mini series where a migrant to New Zealand gets to tell their story to an inquisitive and sensitive New Zealand listener.

The Storytellers have all faced challenging experiences as part of their relocation to NZ.

The interviewers are well known Nelsonians and are keen to get a better understanding and empathy of the migrant’s story.

Each episode is approx 15-25 minutes.

The 4 conversations will play on loop for 2 hours on a public screen at Cultural Conversations Morrison Square. There will also be a series of portraits and behind the scene photos displayed in the space to show the process of the project.

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23 People, 230 Seconds, 2/3 Questions,
23 Photographs

Tuku 23 film exhibition explores the themes of connection and belonging with particular reference to living in Whakatū Nelson. Each of the 23 participants has been asked 2-3 questions on this topic, and their answers have been filmed and beautifully pieced together into a 230-second clip. There are 23 photographs to accompany the film.

NBS Bittersweet Podcasts

NBS Bittersweet Podcasts is a 4 part series about inspirational people who have reconstructed their lives and responded in transformational ways following huge traumatic events. 
They are true stories that cover some serious topics that could be upsetting to some audiences.
This series is produced by Cultural Conversations. Cultural Conversations is a community-based arts hub that facilitates opportunities for people from Nelson’s former refugee and migrant communities to share music, art and storytelling through creative programmes, workshops, and events. The primary outcome of these sessions is to enhance knowledge, awareness, and appreciation for the cultural diversity that makes up the Nelson region as well as wider Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Tindall Foundation Stories of Otherness

Tindall Foundation ‘Stories of Otherness’ Podcasts is a 4 part series. These first hand accounts are here to educate and help people to speak up.

We want to debunk some of the common myths around migration today, focus on people as individuals, become aware of our own unconscious biases and open up to the idea of broadening social circles and understanding multidimensional and intersectional identities.The episodes are true stories that cover some serious topics that could be upsetting to some audiences.

Stories of Otherness poster

Community Champions Project

We have a public awareness campaign running this month of June in collaboration with the Motueka Family service centre. The Community Champions Project campaign aims to deliver positive messages from community figures. Well-known Nelson locals, from athletes to community figures, are photographed with their personal messages of family safety. For this campaign, we are putting up billboards all around the city.  We have also created a calendar, starting for Matariki, and magnets for this occasion. If you would like to get one, get in touch or pop in at Cultural Conversations! 

Email at

If you need help call 0800 456 450.

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