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About Us

“A place for learning, supporting and opportunity. Strength lies in differences not similarities”.

“For it isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” —Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady of the United States.

"Cultural Conversations is a space that celebrates and respects diversity and unites people from different communities. It is a space to learn and teach, to give to others and to receive. A space for everyone and co-created by all" Karolina Serrano (Trustee and originally from Colombia).

Who Are We

Cultural Conversations is a community-based arts hub that facilitates opportunities for people from Nelson’s former refugee and migrant communities to share music, art and storytelling through creative programmes, workshops, and events. The primary outcome of these sessions is to enhance knowledge, awareness, and appreciation for the cultural diversity that makes up the Nelson region as well as wider Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Kaupapa

'A place for learning, supporting and opportunity. Strength lies in differences not similarities'.

Our aim is to create a safe space with a flurry of creative happenings, taking a step further than empathy by stepping back, encouraging others to lead the way, thrive, and become agents of positive change and social transformation. Cultural  Conversations facilitates workshops, performances, and installations and in general, a safe space for people to korero in Whakatū CBD.

Cultural Conversations works with members of Nelson’s migrant and refugee communities, as well as Tangata Whenua and Pasifika communities, including but not limited to: Columbian, Burmese (Zomi, Chin, Karranni, Kayah), Bhutanese, Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Czech Republic, Chilean, Uruguayan,  exican/Cuban, Niuean, Brazilian, Polish, and Afghanistan.

Charity number: CC59411

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