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NBS Bittersweet Podcasts

NBS Bittersweet Podcasts is a 4 part series about inspirational people who have reconstructed their lives and responded in transformational ways following huge traumatic events. 

They are true stories that cover some serious topics that could be upsetting to some audiences.

This series is produced by Cultural Conversations. Cultural Conversations is a community-based arts hub that facilitates opportunities for people from Nelson’s former refugee and migrant communities to share music, art and storytelling through creative programmes, workshops, and events. The primary outcome of these sessions is to enhance knowledge, awareness, and appreciation for the cultural diversity that makes up the Nelson region as well as wider Aotearoa New Zealand.

episode 4 Sally O'Neill NBS Bittersweet.jpeg

Episode 4

Sally O’Neill

Sally O'Neill's life was turned upside down when her son Finn died in an accident aged 18. She talks about her free-spirited son and the profound, all-consuming and ongoing upheaval his death in 2014 caused. Sally also tells Tanya Nock about the bittersweet journey of learning she was adopted and discovering she had Māori whakapapa.

CC- JingJin & Tanya_edited.jpg

Episode 3

JingJing Jackson

Jing Jing Jackson had married her Kiwi husband in her home village in the mountains of southwest China and had been living in Whakatū Nelson for six months when he died suddenly. She was on her own in a new country and an unexpected life- no visa, nowhere to live. Jing Jing’s story is one of grief, fortitude and an irrepressible belief in the importance of finding happiness and joy in our lives. 

菁菁来自中国西南山区。在家乡与新西兰丈夫举行婚礼后,他们 一起回到尼尔森安家。六个月后,丈夫突然意外去世。菁菁孤身 一人遭遇意想不到的生活——失去签证和家,没有收入,安置丈 夫,处理哀伤和震惊。 菁菁的故事讲述的是哀伤和坚韧,信任和发现,在接纳和给与中 让爱持续生长的信念。

Episode 2 Ali Kawaji NBS Bittersweet.jpeg

Episode 2

Ali Kahwaji

Ali Kahwaji was forced to flee Iraq, leaving behind his family, friends, culture and community. His journey into the unknown eventually led him to a new life in Aotearoa New Zealand. Despite PTSD and the Christchurch terror attack Ali is building a future for himself and his family with hope, bravery and resilience.

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Episode 1 Toshie Saito NBS Bitswt.jpeg

Episode 1

Toshie Saito - this audio is in Japanese

Toshie Saito discovered her love for photography through her father and spent her childhood developing her skills with his mentorship. When he became sick and she as the only child had to step up and help support the family, she was forced by him to put aside her passion. On her sixtieth birthday, she discovered an unexpected gift from her late father and the next amazing chapter of her life began.

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