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Global Stitch Up

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At Cultural Conversations we strive to create a  place and space where people can come together and build a shared sense of belonging, enriching individual wellbeing and resilience.

Many things can enrich life and give it  meaning and people are less likely to become isolated if they regularly take part in activities they find interesting or fulfilling.

We believe that everyone deserves to be welcomed and included, and that nobody should be isolated or lonely. We recognise that people coming together around the arts can be transformational for our communities.


Global Stitch up is a creative hub based at Cultural Conversations where we want women from diverse backgrounds to

  • Feel safe and empowered.

  • Upskill but also learn from each other’s cultural traditions.

  • Engage in conversation and make new friends.

  • Gain business independence and responsibility.

  • Feel motivated. 

By supporting our project our dreams and wishes are that the host community can play a vital role in powering economic growth and reducing inequalities.

Latest Product

I was a Saree...

These products are all made from recycled sarees donated to Cultural Conversations. Instead of sitting in a cupboard for years, we decided to upcycle them into earrings, headbands, scrunchies and wreaths.

This is a fundraiser for the Global Stitch up - a social enterprise for migrant and former refugee women.​

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Previous Products

Made with Aroha - Global Stitch Up_edite


Economic growth is the most powerful instrument for reducing poverty and improving the quality of life. The Global Stitch up wants all women to feel empowered with this project and we believe in making the world a fairer and more equitable place. You cannot put a price on moral well being and we believe that value is more than money.


Our products will be changing each month. This means they are special and unique. With your purchase you are buying more than a product. You are giving back to society and supporting something that is led by people and not profit. No product will be the exactly the same. We recognise that each person has different circumstances and we want to allocate resources and opportunities that will reach an equal outcome.

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