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Shifting the narrative - One conversation at a time

Each year Nelson receives about 8-12% of New Zealand yearly quota of refugees. In 2019 when Tanya Nock set out to create Cultural Conversations, an arts and community hub here, it was the stories that this former refugee community wanted to share that was foremost on her mind.

Cultural Conversations invites people to share their stories with local audiences - from former refugees to people who've immigrated to settle in Nelson.

How has having a space like Cultural Conversations shift the way local Nelsonians see their city and its communities- and plant seeds of anti-racism? Listen to the full story in this episode of Voices.

Based on the kaupapa of empowerment and empathy, the space hosts one-on-one chats between Nelsonians and former refugees, to foster a deeper understanding between the two.

Listen to the whole interview in this Voices episode with Tanya Nock, the founder and creative director of Cultural Conversations.

The latest Cultural Conversations series called Courageous Conversations, which apart from being a live event, can also be heard as a podcast.

Source: RNZ , From Voices, 5:00 am on 27 June 2022



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