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Karolina Serrano


I am an artist originally from Colombia. I studied theatre in Spain, grew up in a family of more than 60 Artists painters and have always been passionate about dance. I have worked in various film, theater and television productions in my home country and I have exhibited my artwork in Europe and South America.

I had the privilege to participate (as an artist from the Colombian Community) in a wonderful space called Cultural Conversations which was part of the Nelson Art Festival in 2019. This space was hosted by communities from different cultural backgrounds, to encourage informal conversations around art and culture.

I have been a total fan of this project from day one. It is a space that celebrates and respects diversity and unites people from different communities and allows them to enjoy common interests, it’s a space to learn and teach, to give to others and receive, a space for everyone and co-created by all. It is wonderful to see how this project has evolved and grown and I feel honored to be able to continue being part of it. In this space I have been able to share my artistic work with others, give workshops where I enjoyed sharing a bit of my cultural background and I attended other workshops where I enjoyed and learned from other artists and generous people willing to share their talents and knowledge.

Karolina Serrano
Karolina Serrano

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