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Courageous Conversations - Matty & Pic

Pic Picot creator of Pics Peanut Butter interviews Matty Anderson a NZ born-Niuean about the struggles of growing up in small town Southland as a child of the Pacific and his life long journey through alcoholism, mental health and sobriety and how he now works in service as part of his mental health plan.

Courageous Conversations is a 4 part documentary mini series where a migrant to New Zealand gets to tell their story to an inquisitive and sensitive New Zealand listener. The Storytellers have all faced challenging experiences as part of their relocation to NZ. Courageous Conversations are true stories that cover some serious topics that could be upsetting to some audiences.

Produced by: Innit Creative

Executive Produced by: Cultural Conversations

Sound by: Fresh FM

Funded by: Ministry of Ethnic Communities



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