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Scrunchies are in!


According to The Spin Off, the Humble Scrunchie is the real MVP of the Rugby World Cup.


Here are the scrunchie benefits:


  • Accessories like scrunchies are great for everyday use and you can wear them all day long, even during sleep. 

  •  Scrunchies are better for your hair.

  • Unlike hair ties, scrunchies don’t cause hair breakage.

  • Scrunchies can dress up or dress down any outfit.

  • Scrunchies can make many different hairstyles.

  • Scrunchies make a cute accessory for your wrist.

  • Scrunchies are harder to lose.

  • Scrunchies come in all patterns, colours, sizes, and fabrics.


So order those scrunchies NOW! They make great Christmas gifts too!



$15 will get you 3 scrunchies in a home local made cloth bag.


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